Sunday, October 28, 2012

Keeping up with technology is ... fun...frustrating...time consuming....and I am sorry I don't keep up with my blog. I just post as much as I can to Facebook, so if you're checking in here for the latest news, well, I can't promise I'll keep up to date, but just jump on Facebook, and there you will find the most current images. 
2011 was the year our oldest son Andrew graduated from high school. 2013 is just around the corner, and now our youngest son Clayton, is graduating. While I am so excited watching what my boys get into, I am also sad as their childhood is gone, and I sincerely love being a Mom. I couldn't have asked for two better kids, and I am truly blessed. 
So right now, you're gonna want to see some images of my boys right? Well, I will post some images of Andrew from his senior year, and I haven't taken Clayton's just yet, but there will be some images here of him too. 
Enjoy looking through the "Siders Seniors of 2013" and "sigh" with me. 

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