Friday, September 5, 2008


Back on August 16th, the Columbus Crusaders Middle School teams attended the Mo Hall Football Jambaree held at DeSales High School. We have 3 middle school teams, and this event hosted 6 teams where they played 10 offensive and 10 defensive plays each. There were 2 teams from the Dayton area and one team from Columbus and the competition was fierce. I had the pleasure of meeting Ohio State's own 2005 graduate Maurice Hall. Maurice introduced himself to me while I was standing on the sidelines and was so kind and great to talk with. I found out that we both graduated from Brookhaven, although my graduation was a lot earlier than his! Maurice holds various football and cheerleading camps during the summers, and you might want to check out his organization's website at He was very gracious and allowed me to snap a picture of him and Clayton along side each other. Thanks Maurice!