Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I know, I know!! May is just getting as busy as December, and I am so sorry I haven't kept up
 with my blog. I'm glad you are interested in what is happening with me, and even happier you are asking me...what is happening? I will tell you....May is the last month of school for our boys, and this August, both of our boys will be in high school. Those of you who don't yet have kids in high school.....all I can say is don't blink. It goes that fast. Our Andrew will be a junior, and Clayton a freshman, and when I think of the last 2 years, it doesn't seem possible that Andrew only has two years left of high school. I love summer, and I love having my boys at home. I'm actually wishing we would've had more, cause these two boys that we are blessed with have been so much fun, and are truly blessings to Steve and me. 
Oh right, back to business. I have been finishing up printing orders for seniors graduation parties and am getting more calls for parents milestone anniversaries, and family reunions. I have had a ball this past May, and one of my favorite pictures is another blessing in the life of a family. I am going to limit their photo session to just one image, and hope that you...."get the picture".