Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Okay, on Sunday, September 21st I am going to walk in the New Albany Walking Classic, which is a 10k walk, or 6.5 miles. I have been training since the end of June, following their training schedule. I have to admit, I have really enjoyed walking, and sometimes I mix it up with a jog, but not too often! But since August and September tend to be the jump start for my busy season, this past month has been quite difficult getting my training in! It will be a week tomorrow since I have done any walking, and I fear I'm going to be close to last on Sunday. But that's okay. The whole purpose for me was to join some of my girlfriends and striving towards a goal, and having a sense of satisfaction, and to keep us disciplined with our walking schedule. The other "problem" was that my one friend, didn't sign up in time so she got closed out of the walk. That is a bummer, and I was really looking forward to us walking together. We will just have to sign up for some other cause and walk in those too!! So if you want to come out Sunday to cheer me on, the walk begins at 9am on Fodor Drive. 3000 people walking....yikes! Good Luck in finding me!!