Friday, November 21, 2008


It is hard to believe when your own kids are growing up, getting through elementary school, now almost completely done with middle school and into high school. Yikes....! But when boys become young men and you are photographing these young men for their senior pictures, its
hard for me to believe that just 4 short years ago these young men were playing baseball with our youngest son Clayton. Let me introduce Blaine to you. Blaine is very special to me because we share the same birthday, so I never forget when he turns another year older! At age 13, Blaine stood about 5'8" and weighed probably 150 pounds. Let me introduce an even more
special young man to you, our youngest son Clayton. Clayton at age 9 stood about 3' 6" and weighed probably 60 pounds. Clayton has grown up playing baseball for the Buckeye Valley Youth Baseball Association, and this particular year, Clayton and Blaine both played, and played against each other. Blaine was a pitcher (an incredible player), and Clayton was up to bat. Every time Blaine pitched, Clayton would back up slightly, because that ball was coming
across the plate extremely fast. Steve and I would laugh and tell him to step up to the plate and hang in there. He looked at us as if he were saying, "are you crazy?" I don't remember if Clayton ever hit off of Blaine, (probably not), but I know for a fact Clayton caught a fly ball in center
field that Blaine hit, so it was quite exciting. After the game was over, I had to have a picture of Blaine and Clayton standing next to each other, and here is that picture!
 I went through my photo archives and found it.  Needless to say, here's my "little" Blaine who graduates in June from Buckeye Valley. He did awesome and I was honored to be able to photograph him. 

Monday, November 17, 2008


OK, so we woke up to a "dusting" of snow on our ground today here in Delaware. It was just that, a dusting.....
I love the first time the snow falls, how it quiets the ground and the noise outside. It is so peaceful. While we haven't had that first snow "fall", the dusting this morning was pleasant to look at. 
I have been busy taking family pictures for Christmas cards, and while I can't really show them to you, we're running out of time to photograph families for card deadlines. So, make sure you call this week to get scheduled before the end of November. Of course we can still photograph your family for gift giving portraits, but the Christmas card deadline for submitting your orders is December 1st. Don't wait any longer to get scheduled!
We are looking forward to celebrate Thanksgiving next week with Steve's sister and most of their family, and Andrew's best friend and his family are coming over from Indiana. A total of 11 people, including my family will be here for dinner. I haven't made a turkey in probably 13 years, so I am SO EXCITED to prepare that turkey!! Hmmm.....maybe I will take pictures of the event!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well, it is officially over for the 2008 little league football for Big Walnut. Last Saturday was Super Bowl and the final championship games for the Junior and Senior Divisions. Thanks to all of the parents who support this incredible football league. If you have a son or daughter who is even slightly interested in playing football or cheering from ages 5 - 6th grade, you want them to be at Big Walnut! Our youngest son Clayton, played in this league for 7 years. You learn the basic fundamentals of football and it has been so much fun watching these kids enjoy their game and cheering. Even though Clayton is no longer in this league, he truly misses the games at this field, and the people, just the whole atmosphere. 
This year the junior division champs were the Broncos and I've posted just a couple of pictures from the games. The senior division champs were the Browns, and if the NFL Cleveland Browns could play anything like these boys did, well.....we might have a winning team! Congratulations to both teams and check out the website for them if you want to sign up for next year.