Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall is seriously my FAVORITE season of all time! I love chunky sweaters, boots, bonfires, football games, fall baseball, pumpkins and fall decorations. Hmmmm...I'm terrible at decorating. When I go to other friends houses, I look and think, "well that's not too hard". But when I try and re-create what I've seen for my decor, I am completely overwhelmed.
My first purchase if I had all the money in the world, would be to hire a chef. I would love to have a chef prepare dinners for me. My second purchase would be a full time gardener. Have you seen my flower...I mean weed beds? Its embarrassing. Lastly, I would hire a decorator. My cousin Shaun is my favorite "all-time" decorator. She constantly changes the colors of her walls. Annually. Seriously. Colors I would NEVER dream of using to paint with, nor colors I could hardly imagine putting together. Shaun? It ALWAYS looks incredible. She's amazing. We trade services. She cuts my hair, I photograph her grandbabies. And by the way, they are cute as pumpkins. back to fall. Fall is a great time for family photographs. Again, when my boys were younger, I was always taking pictures about 3 weeks before Christmas to try and get cards done. If you schedule your pictures NOW, you won't be stressing out 3 weeks before Christmas. Neither will I, because I won't be available to photograph that late in the season either. So let's take care of this in October. Check out the dates and times and give me a call at 614-805-0117 and let's plan your cards NOW!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Avery & Colby

These two kiddos are super special to me. I have been photographing them since they were born. Every year since, I have the pleasure of photographing them on their birthday, and at Christmas too! So thankful that Mom and Dad see the importance of documenting these memories. They'll be so thankful in years to come that they have professional images for every year of their kiddos lives! Avery just turned 6 and Colby just turned 3. Hard to believe ... just that they grow as fast as my kiddos...who are now in college!  Don't put off calling me at 614-805-0117 and schedule your appointment. DO IT NOW!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year!

Happy 2014!!
I have spent the day cleaning out my home office. I am not an organized person. Most of you who know me realize this, so thank you for accepting me for how I am! In uncovering many items, I was able to completely fill a 13 gallon trash bag, find 3 gift cards (values @ $143) and $20 cash! Maybe I should clean more often. 

Since June of 2013, we've experienced some major life changes. Our oldest son Andrew has moved to Colorado. He's always wanted to live there, and we've encouraged him to go for it. Better do it now while he's young and has no major commitments. He has been home thankfully since before Thanksgiving, taking his last final online. He will head back later this week and our house will become a little more quiet.

Our youngest son Clayton has also completed his first semester of college at Bluffton University. We're expecting a pretty heavy snowstorm tomorrow and they've already postponed the start of their semester by two days. LOVE the fact that we get him for a couple more days! With him leaving as well, our house will be even more quiet. Our house will be a little less cluttered, and Steve will get his car back from Andrew using it. My food budget will go down a little, our dog will get depressed from lack of activity, the laundry will be easy again, and I will remain a thankful MOM, but sad to see them leave of course. Naturally we are quite proud, and we LOVE having them home. All part of life's changes.

What changes do you want to make for 2014? Have you thought about it? Since I'm not a naturally organized person, it is difficult for me to think about resolutions. I have the best intentions.....just never seem to get around to sticking to it. Steve and I tried "eating clean" for our health this past fall. We did really well. Then I went to the Circleville Pumpkin Show. Then Thanksgiving, Christmas and our boys came home. January 10th we start back up on our "eating clean" plan. I'm so sick of the junk we've been eating, which is a good way to start back up with clean eating! Clayton is on the baseball team at Bluffton, so he works out, which motivates me to want to supplement exercise with what I'm eating. Back to thinking about what changes you're going to make for 2014. Spending more time with family? Restoring relationships? Vacation plans? Eating and exercising? Spending quiet time? Restoring your spiritual walk? This list is endless, but please don't forget about preserving memories through photography. Take the time to schedule an appointment for 2014 by calling me at 614-805-0117. It can be a mini session, or on location. You can have an indoor or outdoor session, or combine the two!  The choice is yours. Just make the decision and call me today! When is the last time you had your family photographed? Any milestones coming up this year? An elderly parent's birthday or anniversary? Milestone birthday for your kiddos? A Valentine's Day gift for a loved one? I'll help you plan something special! I'm good at that....not so much in organizing. Let's just focus in on accomplishing your photography goals together!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Keeping up with technology is ... fun...frustrating...time consuming....and I am sorry I don't keep up with my blog. I just post as much as I can to Facebook, so if you're checking in here for the latest news, well, I can't promise I'll keep up to date, but just jump on Facebook, and there you will find the most current images. 
2011 was the year our oldest son Andrew graduated from high school. 2013 is just around the corner, and now our youngest son Clayton, is graduating. While I am so excited watching what my boys get into, I am also sad as their childhood is gone, and I sincerely love being a Mom. I couldn't have asked for two better kids, and I am truly blessed. 
So right now, you're gonna want to see some images of my boys right? Well, I will post some images of Andrew from his senior year, and I haven't taken Clayton's just yet, but there will be some images here of him too. 
Enjoy looking through the "Siders Seniors of 2013" and "sigh" with me. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

We're bringing in baby ducks and chicks, and oh my, they are so adorable!! Bring your young prince, or "chickadee", OR yourself and have some fun with these babies!! Booking sessions now for March 16th and 17th. Sessions are $25, sheets are $25, and include 1 - 8 x 10, 2 - 5 x 7's (same pose), and 4 - 4 x 6's (same pose). Or you can purchase a photo CD for $125, and print as many as you want! Don't miss out on this fun photo opportunity.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy 2012!!
Well, much has happened since this past October, and for those of you who don't follow me on Facebook...PLEASE friend me and get connected!! You can reach me through my Siders Photography Facebook page, or my personal Facebook page (Lisa Anderson Siders). I post a lot more there than on my blog, and for that, I am sorry for neglecting my blog!

So a brief "catching up" is in order.
October - end of BWYAA football season
the passing of my sweet Father-in-Law, Jim.
November - loads of family pictures taken for Christmas photos
December - loads of ordering for Christmas photos
January - basketball season continues!!

So, I will post some of the images that I have taken since last fall, including seniors and families here. Don't forget - friend me on Facebook!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

BWYAA (Big Walnut Youth Athletic Association), has been my "Saturday" home for about 10 -11 years now. Clayton started playing flag football when he was 5 years old, and I beganphotographing the league when he was 7 or 8. Over the years, I began getting "action shots" of these football players and cheerleaders. Sunbury is a great community, and I love these kids and this football program, as it is where Clayton began his football career. Loadsof memories and while Clayton no longer plays football, I am enjoying the memories I capture for these kids still today. So for those seniors and families that I try and schedule in between football games on Saturday's during prime fall season, you'll see why I hate to miss any of this action. Just a few images from our "mud bowl" games on September 24th. I LOVE football!! This day was any photographer's dream for pictures.