Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Beaches, trucks and ballerinas.....just a few of the seniors "likes" that I have liked photographing. Nathan with his scuba gear, and wakeboard, Elijah with his infamous truck, and Megan with her dance. Such a wide variety of their personalities, and I just wanted to showcase some of their images with their interests. Just to let you know, I am currently photographing the outdoor sessions of their portfolio at a different location for each senior. A lot of you have asked if that is difficult. Why yes, it is, because it lengthens the session time, but my goal is for you to have your own unique, custom designed session. Why is that such a big deal? I want for you to have your own location, so that when you share your images with your friends and family, everyone will be amazed at the variety of your images, and that they won't look the same for any one senior. It has been challenging, but loads of fun, and I believe the results are worth it. Will I go to your favorite location? Absolutely!! Give me a call and we'll get you scheduled.