Monday, September 22, 2008


I did it!!! I completed the 10k walking classic yesterday morning, along with my friend Linda. Beautiful morning for a walk. The weather was cool and crisp when we arrived about 7:45 am, but by the time we started on our walk, it was quite warm! We finished in our own personal record time of 1 hour, 28 minutes and ....seconds. I'm not quite sure what our final time was, but it should be posted soon. We did very well for our first ever walk race. We received a medal at the finish line, and Linda indicated it was the first medal she had ever received, so she was proud of that, and rightly so! She lead the race ahead of me the entire time, and carefully planned our pace. It was great, and I must admit I am a little sore today, but am doing just fine. 

After we completed the race, I headed over to Worthington Christian High School for the Columbus Crusaders Pasta Dinner. WOW!!! Load up on carbs after a race. It was great and I'm telling you it is the best past around. All you can eat salad, pasta, drink and dessert. Next fall, you will have to plan to come.

After I hung out for the Silent Auction, I headed home to photograph sweet Hannah for her senior pictures. Hannah, a senior at Worthington Kilbourne was fun and brought lots of outfits. Look for her pictures soon! They turned out fabulous, and she was glad to be done when we finished up. 

After photographing Hannah, evening at home resting and doing laundry. It was a long day for sure! Today, I am playing "catch-up" and trying to get pictures downloaded from taking action shots on Saturday at JR Smith Park for the BWYAA football league.