Monday, August 11, 2008

OK, so it has truly begun. The 2008 football season. Just finishing up baseball season, (which is my favorite sport) we are in FULL swing with football. I'm not just talking about our youngest son Clayton playing for the Columbus Crusaders. ( On our way home from our family vacation, we were able to throw in an added bonus trip to Cleveland to attend the "Cleveland Browns Family Night". A great place to see the players up close and personal as you can see from the pictures , but even better to get autographs from those players. And as fate would have it, determined Clayton
 was able to obtain autographs from Braylen Edwards, Josh Cribbs, and                                        Derek Anderson!       
You see, Clayton's middle name is Mathew.....hmmm....if you know anything about the Cleveland Browns you will know that there was a linebacker by the name of Clay Matthews....(which all of this info came out of my husband's mouth after the birth certificate was signed!)  Regardless, we had a fantastic time for our first time attending family night, and we will definitely return. It was great and gave us a kick start to football season, which I do love too!