Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall is seriously my FAVORITE season of all time! I love chunky sweaters, boots, bonfires, football games, fall baseball, pumpkins and fall decorations. Hmmmm...I'm terrible at decorating. When I go to other friends houses, I look and think, "well that's not too hard". But when I try and re-create what I've seen for my decor, I am completely overwhelmed.
My first purchase if I had all the money in the world, would be to hire a chef. I would love to have a chef prepare dinners for me. My second purchase would be a full time gardener. Have you seen my flower...I mean weed beds? Its embarrassing. Lastly, I would hire a decorator. My cousin Shaun is my favorite "all-time" decorator. She constantly changes the colors of her walls. Annually. Seriously. Colors I would NEVER dream of using to paint with, nor colors I could hardly imagine putting together. Shaun? It ALWAYS looks incredible. She's amazing. We trade services. She cuts my hair, I photograph her grandbabies. And by the way, they are cute as pumpkins. back to fall. Fall is a great time for family photographs. Again, when my boys were younger, I was always taking pictures about 3 weeks before Christmas to try and get cards done. If you schedule your pictures NOW, you won't be stressing out 3 weeks before Christmas. Neither will I, because I won't be available to photograph that late in the season either. So let's take care of this in October. Check out the dates and times and give me a call at 614-805-0117 and let's plan your cards NOW!!