Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Beaches, trucks and ballerinas.....just a few of the seniors "likes" that I have liked photographing. Nathan with his scuba gear, and wakeboard, Elijah with his infamous truck, and Megan with her dance. Such a wide variety of their personalities, and I just wanted to showcase some of their images with their interests. Just to let you know, I am currently photographing the outdoor sessions of their portfolio at a different location for each senior. A lot of you have asked if that is difficult. Why yes, it is, because it lengthens the session time, but my goal is for you to have your own unique, custom designed session. Why is that such a big deal? I want for you to have your own location, so that when you share your images with your friends and family, everyone will be amazed at the variety of your images, and that they won't look the same for any one senior. It has been challenging, but loads of fun, and I believe the results are worth it. Will I go to your favorite location? Absolutely!! Give me a call and we'll get you scheduled.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I grew up with three older brothers, and Steve and I have two boys, so I feel very comfortable photographing these young men, and have even shed a tear when I'm done. I've known these kids for 12 years or more, and they have grown up with our Andrew. So forgive me boys (men), for being so emotional, but I just can't express how photographing you for your senior year, brings so much happiness to my world, and seeing how you all have grown into the men that you are! Here are a few more boys (again~men) in my photographic world!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


As most of you know, this year of graduating seniors is very special to me, as my first son will be graduating in 2011. I have enjoyed the few seniors I have been privileged to photograph so far, and am looking forward to those coming up to my place in the next few months. Dylan started my "male" seniors with more than I could have imagined. This guy could model for any company out there, and do quite well. We had a ball, and also glad he's one of my boy's long time best friends. Good luck Dylan, Mama Lisa is proud of you!

Monday, July 5, 2010

2011 SENIORS!!

I can hardly believe this is happening in my life,
but 2011 is when our first son, Andrew, graduates
from Worthington Christian High School!!
This is going to be a very bittersweet year, but the
thing I am pumped up about is the seniors that are
going to experience a SIDERS SENIOR SESSION!
I'm blowing the sessions out of the water, and I had
my very first customer this past weekend, and I think
you'll agree that we're pulling out all the stops!! I must
admit that I wanted to photograph my own son as my
"FIRST" 2011 senior, but he is away on a missions trip.
What better person to photograph, than my very own
cousin, Renee. Mom "Rhonda" decided that she wants
a 4 SEASONS photo session. First season~summer, and
we're going to keep getting better and better. You can book
your session too, and I promise you that I will make your
session unique!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Gotta love taking wedding pictures at The River Club, downtown Columbus. I don't photograph a ton of weddings, so when I do, I absolutely love the great venues, but especially love the outdoor weddings! Abby is the daughter to friends of ours, and I had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of times, but really got to know her and new husband by photographing their
wedding! She is completely laid back, Josh forgot something pretty major when we were getting ready to photograph the two of them together, and I kept Abby busy taking pix. When he arrived back to the River Club with the rings, well-it worked out perfectly! Take a sneak
peek at their wedding.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

2010 SENIORS!!

Yes, I am squeezing in a few more seniors who are set to graduate in June! These pictures of J. are great. We had so much fun!! I had driven underneath this bridge in Sunbury and said to
myself, "self-I want to do a senior picture there". Wah lah....2 days later, J.'s Mom called and wanted me to photograph her daughter, and I knew right where I wanted to go!! BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


So this past Saturday, I had the privilege of photographing the Buckeye Flyers. You may ask, what is a Buckeye Flyer? Well, they are a team of athletes that are amazing at trampoline and tumbling and our Andrew used to compete on their team (back in the day). I truly do miss watching him compete, because he is so tall and to watch him flip backwards through the air, was a lot of fun and he would just glide through the air. These kids dedicate several hours a week to practice their skills and their muscle toned bodies are incredible. Check out a couple of the team photos that I did, and a couple of the individual shots too!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow, snow and more snow!!
While central Ohio is getting dumped on with snow, I thought it would be great to take my boys out in the snow and grab some pictures of them. Well, they literally gave me 10 minutes of their precious time, and after I took some images, I realized I didn't really show the snow! SO, with another winter snowstorm about to hit, we will trek back out in the white fluff and grab some more pix. Check out what I did get though.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Happy "pre" Valentine's Day!! What are you planning for your sweetheart? Why not make it super special this year, and have her (or him) come out to the studio and get their special Valentine's Day Card made just for you!! Gift certificates are always an added bonus, and we can even create custom gift baskets for your Cupid, complete with chocolates, cookies, caramel corn. Give me a call so we can tell you what we have to offer. Accepting appointments
for this Saturday, February 6th, and the day before V=Day on the 13th!! Don't miss out!! Tell me you read it on the blog, and get your special savings, ONLY available to blog readers!!