Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SUPER 16!!
Well our Andrew turned 16 back in June, and he has been counting the days to get his driver's license. After a couple of months of "in class" and "driving" classes, on August 21st we drove to the Ohio BMV to have him take his test. While we were waiting for the examiner to come and take him out, he was already deciding that he wasn't going to wear his school uniform shirt to have his picture taken for his driver's license. I was laughing at him and applauded his
 confidence that he was going to pass. Two days prior to his test, he parked my car in our garage, got out and headed into the house with the lights on and the car running! Oh yikes....
He not only passed with 100% on his driving, he only had 2 points taken off his maneuverability test because he started over. 
It is very "unnerving" to watch your 16 year old pull out of the driveway the next morning, with his 13 year old brother in tow. That's where our faith in God comes in. I don't know why I think God needs my help, so I continue to pray for safety and protection in all of our family's lives!